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Anton Pichler Hutfabrik, Josef Pichler & Söhne


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Tribute to Anton Pichler, Österreichisch Hutmacher-Zeitung, December 20, 1930







(Very Rough Translation of the above article. There is some interesting information regarding hat bands and styles. Especially the connection with Edward VII and Marienbad also the Caruso hat band. )


From the series of the leading men of our hat industry once again one of the best has passed on. On November 30 after a long bought of suffering Anton Pichler passed away after 68 years of life.


Anton Pichler, both as regards its always your own circle of ideas sprung generation and personality of his , a typical individual phenomenon . He was tireless in the compilation of new colors and color mixes, oak which makes the company Pichler made it a world-renowned product , and he had what brought a him never deceptive sensation for on your market , traction received and became the hit.


When his father died in 1883 with his father for the first time a Viennese hat fashion either visited the late seventies and brought the illustrious generated by the company Steirischen Loden hats, he was besieged with orders . His father fended off , he said it was impossible to get so many orders for execution . But the young Anton Pichler was not intimidated, he returned quietly with all these orders to Graz back , worked and worked , and there were not only those orders which he had received in Vienna, carried out in a timely and exemplary, the Pichlerische Loden hat , from made merino wool, was rather started from that time Welf and widely known , and the Pichlerische company took on this success, basing quickly an unprecedented boom.

A number of years through the Loden hat was produced only with hat cord and sold into over the years but he was always more refined and came about at the turn of the 19th century around the fashion hat with the so-called Caruso hat band on the market. It is perhaps little known that Anton Pichler this hat band was the name that it has maintained since then.


Another famous specialty of Anton Pichler was called the Chevalier hat, in addition to its beauty and character owed its popularity also the generous propaganda which Anton Pichler his time in the "Munich Flyer" (newspaper) made.


The main strength of the European Pichler factory but were and are what let well known, the blends. Anton Pichler produced in a wonderful mix. Search in this regard was the safe flashing of the deceased mass and direction of print. He experimented until he believed to be the success sicker to be able to, and has almost never exchanged herein.


Are the Steirischen Loden huete the company Pichler become a widely recognized global brand, it sonwaren also in the field of fashion hat and many great successes granted. Even the Bürstelhut (hand hot wet brushed Velour), the father of two Pichler around the middle of the last century, the wild hare up to fenigen hat, began to manufacture found everywhere well received. From the Chevalier hat we have already spoken. Hole in the following years, the Modehute the reputation of this company strengthened more and more.


It is interesting and characteristic, that the deceased King Eduard of England when one saw the Green band hat of factory Pischler his recurring every year, visits in Marienbad at the local Hatter Pistl, bought same and wore all of its outputs and trips in Marienbad.He took some pieces each with London, and this hat was there in court circles so much favor that almost all male members of the English king and the court house carried him mid the same, subsequently, in the fashionable world of London was input.


(This is a A. Pichler hat worn by Edward VII)




Anton Pichler it , over and over again to create colors and shapes so that found unanimous approval understand. From few years have brought the known rust brown hat with green ribbon sun production. This hat was in the truest sense of the word a hit. He was carried almost exclusively in Styria, but also country top of this State and fiber Austria addition strongest paragraph. In the previous years en began with the creation of the so-called " Schladming " tourist hat, which is made in a variety of shades. Especially in the youngest time appeared the " Schladming " . Examined in Vienna quite strong , and the orders that are received on this hat for months in the factory Pichler, are legion.

Even as a personality was Anton Pichler of highly marked individuality. He was always gracious, he received - those who came to him , always with a warmth that was his great joy about the visit expression. He had a vain way to give yourself that wearing something special, extraordinary Sympathetic to be pride , self-conceit were far from him . He felt to his death than the simple hat maker , as what he had learned the hatters trade in the workshop of his father.

It should be a small episode mentioned, which is indicative of Anton Pichler : When we convening our Hatter conference to Graz in 1926 , we turned to the company Pichler with the request if it would be possible for the visitors , meeting visit the factory . We were immediately in the most amiable manner, the commitment. Anton Pichler was then staying to relax in a seaside resort and only learned to the days before the meeting of the imminent stand endets visit. He immediately interrupted his relaxing vacation and went to the night fast train to Graz , do so in time for the reception de, - Hatter in the factory to be present . Anton Pichler himself took over the leadership, he led visitors through all the rooms , ranging from those rooms , in which are the fabrication machines for raw, up to the Salle Garnier and the expedition rooms. He explained all the machines of which serves some of the raw production , had been set only shortly beforehand , gave over all stages of production information , was tireless in responding to the questions which are asked and you could see him during the nearly three hours -long walking tour at the factory, what a joy it was preparing this visit .

This little episode is certainly characteristic of Anton Pichler's mode of thought and spirit . Anton Pichler was a magnificent character, noble , kind-hearted , open and straight. Therefore, the excellent agreement in which he stood with his adoring workers and employees . Testimony in this respect shall from among others the obituary, which published the union of the Graz Hatter and the works of Anton Pichler in the Graz " Workers will and in which it is said : ' Anton Pichler enjoyed ' on the part of the workers full confidence because of his friendly , human action and because of the exemplary Contrary grain mens its factory personnel against which feels the loss especially painful : the staff is him always as a tribute to preserve "These words speak eloquently In fact : . . Anton Pichler was a real man !


Anton Pichler was born on July 2, 1863. He began his apprenticeship where October 1, 1879 with his father, was there for two years in teaching and learned the hatter trade from the ground up . From 1 October 1881 to March 1, 1882 , he learned to Johann Zehme , royally Bavarian court supplier , was acquitted on March 2, 1882 in Munich. He came to this one as an assistant at Schuchart in Darmstadt , but had to return home due to the illness of the former foreman of the Graz factory. 1882 moved Anton Pichler military one , but was on leave after the place in the year 1883 death of his father about the time of leaving prison memoir and took now the whole management of the company , which was enabling him in that breaks him were granted in his military service - the . On 1 January 1890 Anton Pichler took over at the same time with his brother Josef, the company in its own possession. Soon proved the factory premises, which had been found to get at the fish place in Graz, as too small, and it was a self in the house No. 26 of Karlauerstraße. Fabriks large buildings erected. The transition to exclusively machine-noble operation took place in 1899. Due to the further rapid upswing, which the company took mainly by the ever-increasing export, a large addition was listed in 1906, which was followed by another new building in 1913. As then broke out in 1914, the World War and the wool was seized, the Pichlerische operation was doomed to a standstill. After the war, the two brothers worked with iron wool from their company back on the amount of the pre-war period up-bringing, and the position, the same now holds for years, proves that the sacrifice of effort and work not-otherwise had been brought.


Anton Pichler has often, also rendered great services, among others in the social sphere. He was for several years on the board of the Workmen's Accident Insurance Institution in Graz as an employer representative acts and received in dignity ending his outstanding ministry in 1925 the title of Kommerzialbank Council.


For the simple nature, which he had preserved up to his end of life ', it is significant that it was his last will to be worn without sound and song to the grave. But his employees and workers, it could be nevertheless not accept to give expression to their grief, and managed alongside all based in Graz Nationals end hat industry her boss deeply moved to final resting place.

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Anton Pichler (1898)






very elegant hat of finest quality, replacement of the straw hat. incredibly easy with ventilation in the main colour light grey with black band, as well as in all shades of Brown, grey and green with cut off ends of ribbons. Price per piece fl. 4.50 or mark 8.00 - inclusive packaging. Order of at least 3 units in a shipment franco in Austro Hungary and Germany. Find me at


Anton Pichler Kaisers and Kings Court Hat Manufacturer


Graz, Steiermark, Austria. Ask for head size in centimeters. Sent geg. Regulates shipment. the be agreement or after acceptance. Exchange or return shipment allowed.

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Anton Pichler (1893)






Anton Pichler Kaisers and Kings Court Hat Manufacturer


Graz (Steiermark) Austria.




Meteor, the latest finest and most elegant summer hat.


Meteor is very pleasant and cool to wear, unsurpassed in ease.


Meteor is light grey, Beaver-coloured in shades and leather Brown, produced from finest beaver felt.


Meteor costs only 4 fl. per piece.


Send head measurement in centimeters.


Colors, in same color of but inferior quality, fl. 2.50 per piece.

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Anton Pichler Graz, Highly Illustrated, Current Hat Prices, Autumn & Winter 1915/16




(Front Cover Translation)


Manufacturer K. u. K. (Kaisers & Kings) Court Hat

Factory: Graz Karlauerstraße 26


Company Since 1848

Retail shops in Graz: Men's Alley 28, Schuberthof (ehem. New Thonethof) Hurptatz 9, next to the large inn "Elephant"

Highly Illustrated, Current Hat Prices, Autumn & Winter 1915/16


(Inside Front Cover Translation)


Special Provisions.


All prices are per net cash from my factory in Graz.


The shipment is made by Austria-Hungary and the German Empire by cash on delivery, after remaining abroad only with prior submission of goods amount, Portos and 50 h for packaging.


The packaging is for shipments within Austria-Hungary and the German Reich in inconspicuous strong cartons, according to the foreign countries in wooden box and is calculated per order with 50 hours.


Complaints can only be considered within no later than eight days after receipt of my mission. Not relevant goods which is French in intact, pristine condition and cash free immediately sent back to me, I change willingly to or compensate the amount received for this, but only in the case when the hat or the garment was not made according to specific indication or measure ,


Selection programs I can not concede.


Sample shipments for corporations, associations, forestry and domain administrations find warranted ordering the entire demand on demand at any time instead. Loden-.and felt hats, the submitted color patterns corresponding to, accurately delivered.



Repairs of hats of every kind become managed on the most careful one moderate calculated(charged). Average price K 3.50.


Stay - changes will be announced to me kindly, to make appropriate corrections to the addresses in my extensive archives.


Clearing traffic. Members of the same can for this purpose avoid Merchandise surname the advance payments in question in favor of my account no. 846 222 at the K. k. Post-office savings banks in Vienna and no. 6931 at the Royal. Unger. Afford Postal Savings Bank office in Budapest.


On all Sundays and public holidays no dispatches will take place.


With this price sheet all earlier quotations lose their(her) validity.


Head size please specify in centimeters.




The Austrian Crown depreciated sharply because of WWI. Also super inflation took place driving up prices.



1 US dollar = 6.50 Kr.


1 US dollar = 7.95 Kr.


Notice the Livery Top and Stiff Felt Hats are designated by a Cockade which is a knot of ribbons, or other circular- or oval-shaped symbol of distinctive colors.




Soft Fashion Hats, Original Steirer Hats


Highlighted Dress Soft Felt "1915 War Hat (Kriegshut)" for WWI.


Notice Dress Soft Felts are designated as Fashion (Mode) hats and usually available in both fur and wool (Loden).


Anton Pichler was known for the traditional Steirerhut. King Edward VII of England brought the style to England where it became popular in court circles.




High Modern Velour Hats, Season 1915-16


Highlighted Dress Velour "Brotherhood Hat" which is also WWI related. Notice that Hare (Hasen) is mentioned for fur content.


The Mode(Fashion)-Steirer-Velours- Jagdhut (Hunting Hat)is similar to Edwards VII's hat that he brought back to England from Marienbad.






World Famous Weatherproof Loden (Wool) Hats




World Famous Weatherproof Loden (Wool) Hats




World Famous Weatherproof Loden (Wool) Hats




Specialties in Real Steirer Loden (Wool) Hats


Including children's models but sizes over 53cm are an additional 1 Austrian Krone.


Also something called a "Health Hat" for Men and Women which is in English but the caption uses German (Gesundheitshut).




New Releases in Women's Velours, Fashion and Sport Hats.




Hunt and Sport Caps


Including House Shoes.

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Hat Jewelry, , Oxidized Imitation Silver (Life Size)


Attention! If only Hat Jewelry is ordered please send an additional 35 Heller in cash or postage stamps.




Specialties in Guaranteed Waterproof Loden (Wool) Coats


Order Form




Address Side of Order Form.


Real Wild Feather Hat Arrangements.




(Back Inside Cover)


Promenade Cloak


Hunt and Sport Sock (without foot)


(Back Cover)


Kaisers and Kings, Court Hat Manufactures

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Anton Pichler k.u.k. Hof - Hutfabrikant Graz, Austria (Styria), Nov. 1, 1914 from  the Gotisches Haus (Gothic House) Bad Homburg, Germany hat collection.  This is a fantastic collection (during WWI) of mostly very high end dress Velours with pricing and other information (such as quality distinctions) for the German market.  I believe this is the only pricing document for a detailed catalog I have come across so rare.  Anton Pichler was one of the top hat experts in Austria (he passed away in 1925) and the company lasted into the 1970s maybe later.  Edward VII of England made one of his Trachten Velours famous in England.  I have been looking for a long time for an old (pre WWII) Anton Pichler soft felt or stiff felt hat but haven't found one yet.  


(Click on Photos to Expand!)






Bulk Purchase Prices For Accompanying Illustrated Hat Fashion Journal.


Prices during wartime-binding. Prices only for firm orders valid. Prices post- per dozen and duty free for the German Reich. Payments as agreed in Berlin.


Page 1, 2, 3. Velours Hat Forms: 7375-7395. (Except form 7385.)

In all colors (except very light delicate colors dozen Mark 6 - cost more).


Which by

1 dozen - Extra-Extra Velours Quality, Mark 192 (in 1914 1 Mark = $4.23, 16 Mark / $4.00 per Hat Whole Sale**) 

1 dozen - Extra Velours Quality, Mark 174 

1 dozen - AA Velours Quality, Mark 159

1 dozen - A Velours Quality, Mark 144

1 dozen - Ia. Velour Quality, Mark 126 

1 dozen - IIa. Velour Quality, Mark 114

Form 7385 Etuis Quality-Velours without food, per doz. Extra Etuis Velour Quality, Mark 156 

Form 7385 Etuis-Velours Quality, Mark 120


Loden (Wool) Hat Forms: 7396-7416. 


In all colors and mottling in quality Merino, Merino Case, Merino Nature, Camel Hair Loden, in the finest equipment and adjustment Mark 56.- per doz 


Loden (Wool) Hat Forms:.. 7396-7416. 

Quality: Hair Ia. without Lining, Mark 96 per dozen all colors and mottling. 

Quality: H. K. rough, without Lining, Mark 96 per dozen all colors and mottling. 

Quality: H. L. rough, without Lining, Mark 84 per dozen all colors and mottling.


Color Cards for Velour and Loden hats are at the request of service.


Be Advised! Prices are post- and duty free Germany only in respect of at least 1 dozen.

Between 1/2 dozen to 11 pieces Mark 1 per package more.

Under 1/2 dozen Mk. 1'50 pn package more.





General Representative 

Berlin SW. 29 

Gneisenaustraße 33.



k un. k. Court-Hatter 


Karlauerstraße 26.


** Austrian Velours became popular in America around 1910.  During WWI there was a heavy war tax so such hats went for $30.00 or more retail per hat (for the time a large sum of money). 















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Anton Pichler Graz "Record", size 57cm probably around WWI. I have been looking for an old Anton Pichler Graz soft felt but haven't any luck so I decided to jump on this stiff felt with side vents. Anton Pichler was a leading figure in the Austrian hat industry of the late 19th and early 20th Century.
















Side Vent




Anton Pichler Graz "Comfortable" (1897) soft felt with same side vents!



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Anton Pichler K.u.K. Hof - Hutfabrikant Graz, Pocket Hat Brush, 6 inches wide, probably early 1900s. I am thinking this was some type of promotional item that came with a hat. It's only about 1/4 of inch thick so could easily fit into a coat pocket. The K.u.K. Hof - Hutfabrikant distinction probably means it's WWI era or older.



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Josef Pichler & Söhne Graz, 56cm, possibly later 1930s early 1940s (see below).  The hat is in NOS condition but unfortunately the brim was trimmed down to 2 inches.  It came with the 1930s light green JHS "Standard Crystal Velour"  I posted last week and was sold by the same store Rudolf Hanus Wien so it could be from a similar time period.  The overall quality of this hat is high and the felt is fantastic (color, finish, hand).  Josef Pichler was a brother of the more well known Anton Pichler.  


















Open Crown





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Anton Pichler Graz, 58cm, possibly a rebuild or new hat from the later 1950s.  There is no paper label and the Sweatband is from probably a later 1920s J. Hückel´s Söhne "Standard".  The Reed covering on the Sweatband is a similar color to Felt so it's possible this was later rebuild of old J. Hückel´s Söhne "Standard" or the old J. Hückel´s Söhne "Standard" Sweatband was installed in a new hat.  The Sweatband also has a Ludwig Skrivanek Graz Hat Fashion House mark.  This hat belonged to the owner of the Collins Wien "Luxus Prima Smoking Hat".  The Seller said her Great Grandfather, the owner, was born in the early 1900s.  The greenish gray Felt is of a heaver weight but still easily dry creases.  It has a really nice minimalistic Bow design. This is definitely unique / head scratching find which makes it all the better in my mind. :)








Open Crown



Natural Light







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I purchased the following items from a lady (Barbara Rasspe-Dahmann) whose family owned Pelzhaus Josef Seiffert 1863 Solingen ,Germany (see link below).  Josef Seiffert was her Great Grandfather.  The store closed in 2017.  The items are from the 1950s and later. 

https://rp-online.de/nrw/staedte/solingen/das-pelzhaus-seiffert-besteht-seitJosef Seifert150-jahren_aid-14854621

Anton Pichler Graz 



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Der echt Josef Pichler Hut Graz, nur Mugasse 10, Josef Pichler & Söhne, Telefon Nr: 1167 Fabrik 8056 Niederlage, Double Sided Paper Bag, 49 cm  X 31 cm, possibly early 1950s.  I was able to determine the possible time period from the telephone numbers which was a interesting side trip. 





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