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G. M. (could be Georg Miech, Dresden) Hutfabrik


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What does the lable tell us? "Deponirt" (correctly spelled, today "deponiert") meanes registered. It was in use for "regirtered trade" (maybe "trade mark") in Germany, Austria? in the 19c. => could be an indication for pre 1900.


Where does the hat originally come from? It now came from a German Ebay source, but is it originally German?



I tried to get a better close-up of the stemp:




So, what do we have?


There is a phonenumber: XXXXXten (indication of town) Tel. (Phone) 61 or 51. Phone networks were established in Germany and Austria from 1881 onwards. A double digit does indicate a very early phone registration. So, we are kind of safe somewhere in the 1880ies.


Is it the stamp of the hatter?


It says "Getreidehandlung" = company that sells crops and cerials. Should be an indication of the owner´s profession.


German or Austrian?


The name is indistinct or read, as well as the town. Could be Joszef Kü?nle.


If it is Joszef as opposed to Josef, it could indicate impreial Austrian provenance.


Would be easy if the stamp were more legible. [huh]


Nothing I could find on the hatter, so far.


Thanks for the great info!


There is also xxxrt Koenig left of the portrait head.




I am going to try to take some better pictures. :)






it looks pretty much like King Albert of Saxony - reign 1873 - 1902. If we are dealing with Albert we can narrow down the hat to the period between 1881 and 1902 latest.




And we are in the Kingdom of Saxony! Now, who were the main Saxonian hatters of the 19c ? lol

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