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Ladies Smoking / Tuxedo Costumes that feature Men's Like Soft Felt Hats, Moderne Welt: Jahrgang 7, Heft 22 1926


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While searching around on the Austrian National Archives ANNO Historical Newspapers and Magazines Website  I found this interesting fashion expose on Ladies Smoking / Tuxedo Costumes that feature Men's Like Soft Felt Hats circa 1926.

Moderne Welt: Jahrgang 7, Heft 22 1926  / Modern World: Volume 7, Issue 22 1926

Cover of the Magazine




It seems to be catching on because people like it. Some try to "feminize" it a bit with lace cuffs and lace jabots. Others, on the contrary, emphasize the masculine look Note through shirt front and Men's Hat. Even the skirt, notched by a deep front pleat, is said to be vaguely reminiscent of men's trousers. The skirt comes out next to the skirt of the same color different material, composed to the jacket in the color.

9. Smoking / Tuxedo suit made of light summer cloth with an open jacket. lace jabot. linen vest
10. Grosgrain Smoking / Tuxedo suit with rounded front divide and border edging
11. Man's suit made of gabardine with silks reverse. pique vest. Skirt with front pleat
12. Cashmere jacket with trimmings to plaid Wool skirt combined. Lingerie plastron and ruffles
13. Silk cloth Smoking / Tuxedo with satin lapels. double row Waistcoat in silk pique

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