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K&R Lembert Hutfabrik

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I found that Hutfabrik Lembert has a new website.




They have a interesting hat making video (in German) that shows the velour process. They have amazing array of antique blocks and flanges.




Today they only make hats for special order. I meant to visit the last time I was in Augsburg but some how didn't make it.

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Lembert "Rieser", size 58cm, probably early 1960s. It has a very short crown and is softer than a typical old Bowler. It measures 58cm and actually fits me.


Received this update from Herbert at Hut Neubarth, Augsburg.


"Ries is an area in the north of Augsburg. People there had typical hats, called 'Rieser Hut'. That's why Lembert obviously called the Bowler trimmed

hat 'Ries'. (the shape) "


I am this could also be based on the nearby Ries Crater (Nördlingen).











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Visited K. & R. Lembert Hutfabrik (established 1861) in Augsburg with Dieter from the FL. Mr. Christian Lembert gave us a tour of the factory which is much as it was 80 years ago. They have all the machines to mass produce hats but only have about 10 employees today. They also have a large number of antique wooden blocks and flanges. Also machinery for Velour finishes. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the factory. Today they only make lower end traditional style hats for whole sale order. They also make more specialized women's hats to order. I bought a Dreispitz in honor of the Derbynator!


At the factory store.




With Mr. Christian Lembert holding the Dreispitz.






I inquired about this vintage Lembert hut holder and Mr. Lembert kindly offered it to me.





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Wonderful! I should stop by there as well when I am in the area next time. About a year ago, I contected them asking whether they had vintage hat making books but they told me they did not :(.

It is sad to see that they could produce high quality hat wear but there is simply no demand for it...

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K. & R. Lembert Pilot Antilope, Size 59cm, probably late 1950s early 1960s. It has a Stetson like thin ribbon design and the model name "Pilot" could point to a Stratoliner influence. It's in good shape but unfortunately missing the liner.



















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K. & R. Lembert Kristall Velour, mint condition, probably mid to later 1950s. Very beautiful / high quality black Velour that reminds me of JHS Sigma finish. Unfotunately listed as 58cm but more like 55cm. Still it's the oldest K. & R. Lembert soft felt I have encountered. Shown here with brim snapped.

















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