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Ludwig Skriwanek Graz, Hutfabrikation


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Ludwig Skriwanek Graz Hutfabrikation, no production information.  

Main location:

Schmiedgasse 14, Graz, Opposite the Landhauskeller

Listed in Austrian Hat Industry Guide (1926), Hat Makers Guild of Steiermark, Incorporated Guild Members, page 40.


Today Gössl Graz Trachten clothing and accessories plus other businesses, offices, apartments.


Other locations:

Volksgartenstraße 2, Graz

Today various businesses, offices, apartments.

Sporgasse 13,Graz

Today Sax Eis plus other businesses, offices, apartments. 



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Ludwig Skriwanek Graz, Hutfabrikation, no paper label, measures 58 cm, Wool or Wool - Fur,  possibly early to 1930s.  I had no idea from the photos that the felt was a melange of colors.  Also that it had an intact wind cord.  I do not have any information on the production capabilities of Ludwig Skriwanek Graz Hutfabrikation.  Anton and Josef Pichler were the famous Graz Hat companies but I was very happy to find this less known company.  I have to say this Stiff Felt is already one of my favorites.  







Typical Loop Wind Cord


Natural Light




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This is indeed a wonderful piece of headgear.

Interestingly enough Skriwanek seems to have been taken over by W. &. Kahr somewhere between 1938  and 1943. And they were listed under "Hutmacher" - hatmakers, not under "Hutfabrik" (like Pichler) = hat factory, so Gewerbe, not Industrie.





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Wolfgang,  Thank you for this valuable information!  Is this info from Graz city directories?  There isn't a paper label behind the sweatband.  I guess it's possible they made the hat but it could have easily been sourced.  The building locations look more retail oriented but I guess they could have had a small production facility.   Is there any information on W. & M. Kahr?  

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Hello Steve,

yes, I took the info from the Graz Adressbücher. What is interesting is that the paid ads (see above) state "Huterzeugung" (at Schmiedgasse 14) so it seems they really made hats, the entry in the telephone directory says: Handel ("retail of hats, caps, millinery, slippers and felt shoes") and this retail seems to have taken place at the other addresses.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything on Kahr - the only available address books are for 1938 and 1943. Could this have been a case of aryanisation? As it was a OHG (Ordinary/General partnership) there should be info available in the Firmenbuch.




HutSkrivanek 4.jpg

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47 minutes ago, ErWeSa said:

Hello Steve,

yes, I took the info from the Graz Adressbücher. What is interesting is that the paid ads (see above) state "Huterzeugung" (at Schmiedgasse 14) so it seems they really made hats, the entry in the telephone directory says: Handel ("retail of hats, caps, millinery, slippers and felt shoes") and this retail seems to have taken place at the other addresses.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything on Kahr - the only available address books are for 1938 and 1943. Could this have been a case of aryanisation? As it was a OHG (Ordinary/General partnership) there should be info available in the Firmenbuch.




HutSkrivanek 4.jpg

Very interesting. Aryanisation makes sense.  Is Skriwanek Czech?  

I found this up to 1977.  steirische Plasticwarenfabrik, Ludwig Skriwanek, Inh. Erika u. Walter Berger, Graz 1439


I found this later hat so it survived in some form post WWII.  




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44 minutes ago, ErWeSa said:

Yes, could indeed be Czech! The owner of the Kepka firm in Graz I sent you the link of via PM is a certain Karin Krahl-Wichmann - perhaps there is a connection there, who knows. Seems as if you'd have to visit Graz again.

I found this cap.    





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1 hour ago, ErWeSa said:

Nice Austro-Hungarian officer's cap - I can't see the center of the cockade, but I suppose it Says FJ I - Franz Josef I.

As the ad indicates they also sold "Kappen" = caps.

Thanks.  I might contact this collector since he is located in Graz.  It's possible he might know about the history of the company.

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Ludwig Skriwanek Graz, Hutfabrikation, measures 58.5 cm, possibly 1930s.  The Black Fur Felt has a nice Smooth Finish.  It has a lower profile which is pleasing.  Appears that the Sweatband was stitched back in at a later time.  I wasn't able to find any information on Ludwig Skriwanek Graz, Hutfabrikation production capabilities.  I tend to think they sourced the entire Stiff Felt.  I was told by the Seller that this Stiff Felt belonged to her great uncle who was the owner of the first bandage company in Germany, F. & C. Achenbach  Frankfurt am Main (founded 1882) but the company didn't survive WWII.







Natural Light




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Wilhelm Pless Wien "Extra Qualität", 57 cm, possibly late 1920s early 1930s.  This a really beautiful Stiff Felt and in near mint condition.  This is my first Wilhelm Pless Wien so a rare find.  The only other WPW is a Silk Top Hat found by Robert (RLK).  It's possible the Felt is Beaver because it's very dense but could be a blend.  The liner is really fantastic.  The color (not sure what to call it plus color changes) and company mark are striking.  The contrasting sweatband with gold embossed company mark are great  too.










I noticed that Wilhelm Pless Wien along with J. Hückel´s Söhne was a superior Brand for Ludwig Skriwanek Graz.  See  Nr. 302, Der Moderne Steifhut / The Modern Stiff Hat,  Feinest Hasenhaar Marke "Pless" / Finest Hare Hair Brand "Pless"  S 36.__ , Skriwanek - Hüte catalog (1920s).  The above Stiff Felt is probably Beaver Hair so more expensive S 39.__ **.


** ~ $5.50 in 1928 7.1 Austrian Schillings ~ 1 USD

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  • habigman changed the title to Ludwig Skriwanek Graz, Hutfabrikation
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English translation of Skriwanek - Hüte catalog (possibly 1920s).  In 1928 7.1 Austrian Schillings (S) ~ 1 USD



are the best

The right hat for every head

The right hat for every head

No. 301. From the last fashion selection, latest style, brand "Pleß", smooth and rough-haired, in light colors, finest beaver hair S 36.50, 39.50

No. 300. Smart fashion hat, Austrian style, for old and young, in black and all fashion colors S 8.90, 11.90, with nice lining S 16.50

No. 305. Elegant man's hat. Brand "Borsalino" (antica Casa), smooth, finest beaver felt, light and medium grey, fashion colors S 42.-, with lining S 44.-

No. 302.
The modern bucket hat for the elegant gentleman, medium grey, black band, silver-grey edging, wool felt S 19.80, finest hare hair, brand "Pleß", S 36.-

No. 303. Latest Novelty,
english Form, rough-haired, black band, light border, light gray and fashion colors. fine fur felt S 28,-, Yes. Wool quality, with lining S 16.50

The good hat only from the producer

Factory and defeats: Schmiedgasse 14, Tel. 52-25 Branch: Annenstrasse 20, Tel. 5-69
Specialist in the production of all Styrian loden, sport and fashion hats. Representation of all first class hat brands. Supplier of the civil servants - business association, the teachers' house association and all economic reform associations

Biggest cylinder rental in town

It is advisable to visit our hat shop in person in order to convince yourself of the richness of our large warehouse and the efficiency of our house.

The modern hat for modern clothing

No. 304. "Flameaux", finest long-haired velour quality, light as a feather, but very hard-wearing, highly modern, in the latest colors S 32.-

No. 309. "Borsalino" (antica Casa), finest branded hat, wider shape, with edging, in light grey, drape, brown, black S 42.-, lined S 44.-

No. 306. Flat, smart fashion shape, black and in many colors, wool felt S 9.80, 12.80, 13.60, 17.80, fur felt S 22.-

No. 307. Brand "Pleß", very smart, smooth and mottled, finest hair felt quality S 34.-, lined S 36.50

No. 308. Wire-haired latest modern hat, fur felt S 19.80, with fine silk lining S 24.-

The best and cheapest way to buy a good hat is from the producer. Shopping at "Skriwanek" will become a pleasant habit from which you will benefit every time.

Largest mail order company in the Alpine countries for women's, men's and children's hats and caps. Daily postal service for institutions, clubs, etc. Special offers also based on samples with special prices.

Please read the shipping regulations carefully, see inside the sheet.

"Skriwanek" is the largest hat shop in the Alps.

Page 1.


Think "Skriwanek" when you need a hat.

My prices are unrivalled. I bring the best cheap.

In the case of Stiff hats and top hats, it is advisable to specify the head formation, whether round or oblong.

No. 312. Smart fashion bucket hat, flat, wide shape, fine hair felt, brand "Hückel", lined S 28.-, wool felt S 12.40. 16.50, 18.40, 19.80.

No. 314. Fine, black velour (silk plush), with a quilted brim, lined S 19.80, 24., 28.-, very fine) quality "Pleß" or brand "Hückel" S 36, 44.-

No. 310. Popular, rough-haired style, brand "Halban", made of fine hare hair S 28.-. Elegantly equipped, in modern colors

"Hut - Skriwanek" is a specialist in the production of extravagant shapes according to their own ideas and specifications.

No. 318. Fine, feather-light fur felt hat, 40 grams, brand "Hückel", medium drape, light and dark gray and black S 28.-

No.313. Latest modern top hat, matt cashmere upper rim, low form S 28.-, 36.-, 48.-, 58.-, brand "Pleß" S 65.- including matching box

No. 311. Elegant fashion hat, with rolled brim, darker band, light-colored edging, made of fine, smooth wool felt, S 14.20, 17.40, finest version S 18.50

No. 317. Artist's hat, very wide. brimmed, black and in any desired color, wool felt S 16.50, hare hair S 25.-, brand "Pleß" S 34.-, in velour S 28.-, 40.-

No. 315. Square-edged bowler hat for clergymen, light fur felt S 28.-, fine design

No. 316. Rolled stiff hat, latest fashion, wool felt S 13.60, 14.50, 16.50, 19.80, fur felt S 26.-, 28.-, feather-light S 33.-, brand "Pleß" S 36.-, 39.- "Borsalino " S 45.-

Mourning trumpets: For arm, which and stiff hats as well as top hats always cheaply in stock.

No. 322.
Well-dressed fashion hat, with edging, for older men, in all darker colours. Wool felt S 16.50, in a fine design, excellent fur felt, finest quality S 28.-, 33.-

No. 319. Stylish, rough-haired fashion hat with a quilted brim, in all modern colors S 9.80, 11.90, 13.60, lined 8 16.80

No.320. Silk velour, mouse gray and gold drape, good clothing S 25.-, extra quality, brand Hückel" or Pleß" S 39.50

Please keep the catalog and kindly recommend me to your acquaintances.

No. 321. Modern, finest hair felt hat, complete, smart shape, in light shades, brand Pleß" S 35.-

same-colored brim. dark ribbon,

No. 326. Latest novelty, flattering shape, wool felt S 17.80, in many fashion colors, with fine silk lining. Fine fur felt S 26.-

When ordering in writing, please choose a second catalog number if the first one is not currently in stock, specifying the exact head size.

No. 323. Heavy-duty velour hat (plush hare), for round and oblong pressing in, Austrian style", black and any desired color S 18.-, finest design S 24.-

No. 324. Stylish boy's or half-man's hat, rough-haired, many fashion colors S 8.60, 9.80, 11.80

No. 327. Boys' student hat that suits very well, smooth wool felt S 8.80, 12.50, 15.40, all fashion colors, finest features S 17.40

No. 325. Half width, elegant shape, flat rolled, light fashion colors. with darker band, wool felt S 12.80, 14.90, 17.40

Don't throw away an old hat, it's always worth having it repaired nice and cheaply by me.

Page 2.


My self-made women's and men's Styrian hats are known and loved everywhere because of their smart and well-dressed shape and beautiful design.

Supplier for all comradeship clubs. For larger orders of hats and feathers, the cheapest price is known

No. 376. Hair felt, Ausseer, very light and soft S 18.-, 22.- Special quality, finest design, with edge band S 28.-, 3 band colors

No. 377. Ausseer, for companionship. clubs S 7.90, 9.80, excellent quality, with fine lining S 12.-, double shock S 1.20, suitable jibe 895. (Special offer for wholesale purchase.)

No.378. Our Schlager wool felt Ausseer, advertising quality S 5.80, Prima S 7.90, 9.20, with lining S 12.-, very fine design, with edge silk ribbon S 16.50

Especially cheap calculation for hunting and forestry offices as well as domains. Samples are also available on request.

No.380. Schladming, popular Styrian hat, bunny velour, hit price S 16.50, 18.-, with lining S 19.80, silk velour S 28.-, beaver velour, dasF einste S 39.- (3 band colors)

No. 381. Excellent velour hat, Ausseer style, light gray and gold drape, with dark green silk band S 24.-, finest quality S 32.-

When ordering Ausseer hats, please specify the color of the band, whether dark, medium or light green

No. 383. Original Hammermen's hat, black-green wool felt, with dark green silk ribbon S 15.40, lined, finest hair felt, with silk lining S 22.-, also available in velour in any desired color on request.

No. 384. Original "Matterhorn", the popular tourist and glacier hat S 5.80; (absolutely waterproof), made of spotted rough loden, grey, drap and reseda, in quality S 7.90, 8.40

No.379. Great loden hat, Ausseer style, medium or dark gray mottled, with dark green silk band and brim. edging S 10.50, any arrangement

No. 382. Popular rust-brown sports hat with dark green silk band S 9.80, 11.90, any arrangement.

No. 386. Original gymnast's hat, well waterproof, mottled dark gray loden, dark green cloth band, edging S 9.80, chin strap made of leather S 60 more, for large orders for clubs special offer with wholesale prices

No. 385. My house brand, the popular "Schloßberghut", made of mottled loden, medium and dark grey, prima dark green silk ribbon, with edging S 9.20 and 12.-

No. 389. Fashion sports hat, rough-haired, very hard-wearing, in any desired color S 10.50, 14.20, fur felt, all styles. colors 8 22.-

No. 387. "Matterhorn", latest sport loden novelty, Austrian style, grey, drap, reseda S 11.90

No. 388. Hairy hat, silver-grey, with black band S 11.90, 13.60, fine design, with lining S 19.80, finest S 24.-

Joke and costume hats in the most original design. (Also on loan for entertainment.)

No. 390. Original "American Cowboy", dark drape, fine wool felt, without leather edging S 11.-, with leather edging S 14.-, correspond to the blank leather strap S 4.80 more, special discount for artists

"Hat-Skriwanek", Graz, Schmiedgasse 14, branch Annenstrasse 20,
is a specialist in the production of all types of sports
and Styrian hats for women, men and children.

Page 3.


"Hut - Skriwanek", Graz, Schmiedgasse 14, branch Annenstrasse 20.

All kinds of straw and feather hats as well
You will find a large selection of capes for the summer at

In the hot summer, the Panama is the most comfortable hat!
A Girardi is always smart and flattering!

No. 351. Very light fashion Girardi S 3.60, fine version S 4.50

No. 352. Original American Panama, very fine, with black ribbon, tightly hand-braided 8 22.-, 25. With very wide brim S 32. Fashion tricot ribbon extra S-80, 1.-

No. 353. Very elegant Girardi made of Brussels or pearl straw, finely sewn, in the most beautiful features S 16.-, finest S 24.-

No. 357. Girardi made of modern coarse fashion straw, very light, with striped band S 10.50, Milano (Borsalino brand") S 12.80

No. 354. Manila, popular, feather-light panama-shaped straw hat, with black band S 9.80, 12., fashion band extra

No. 358. Nice split Girardi, Zackerl straw, in the richest selection, in many price ranges S 1.80, 3.50, 4.80, 5.60, 6.90, 8.40, 9.80, up to the finest version S 16.50

No. 359. Navy cap
from patent linen or. Rep, for washing, detachable S 2.90, 3.60, made of fine wool S 6.40
No. 355. Light Panama Girardi, well fitting and flattering, easily washable S 18.-, 24.-

No. 361. Rice straw hat, elongated shape, well-dressed, for older men S 1.90, 3.50, fine pearl braid S 9.50, 12.-

No. 362. Kuba strainer straw hat, grey, green, very light S 12.-

No. 356. Genuine Panama, hand-braided, rollable, very hard-wearing S 13.50, 16.50, 19.80, good Kurasso Panama S 9.80

No. 363. Ausseer style, bucket hat, dark green pearl straw S 6.40

No. 360. Raffia straw hat, Panama shape, very light, for Strapaz S 3.60, finer S 4.80

No. 365. Beach hat for men and women, in rips, with stiffened, stitched brim S 6.40

No. 366. Black manila straw hat, for clergymen, very light 811.80. Black raffia, same shape S 4.80

No. 367. Rice straw goat boy, white and green, in all children's sizes S 1.60

No. 364. Sun hat for women, light patent linen or rips, all head sizes, with wider brim S 4.80, 6.90. For children from S 1.90 and up. sun health sites and institutions for larger purchases special prices.

No. 368. Straw stone beater, natural colour, white and green, in all sizes for children S 1.80, 2.50

No. 369. Dark olive green hunting straw hat, in pearl straw S 7.50, bast straw, light as a feather S 4.80

No. 371. Light chandelier cap, plate setting, middle u. dark gray S 4.80

No.373. Japanese reed bast cap, Lloyd lapel, feather light S 4.80

No. 372. Wide field, garden and bathing hat, best sun protection S 1.60, 2.50. Wholesale price for large orders

No. 374. Japanese reed cap, in a soft plate shape S 4.80

No. 375. Lloyd's cap, lustrous, with silk cord, very light, medium, dark gray and black S 5.20 and 6.40

No. 370. White fleet or beach cap,
Dr Eckener" style, with lacquer label, silk cord, for washing, detachable S 4.80, 6.40, finest silk rep S 7.60, gold cord S 1.20 more

You don't need to wash your straw hat yourself, "Hat-Skriwanek" cleans all straw and Panama hats like new for the cheapest price.

Page 4.


Skriwanek's women's, Styrian and sports hats are unrivaled in their tasteful shape and design.

All models shown here can be repaired at the cheapest prices.

When ordering, it is advisable to state whether you have a bob haircut or a hairstyle, and also the size of the head, measured across the forehead and hairstyle.

No. 391. Sports hat for women, in men's style, made of very soft felt, in any color S 8.80, S 10.50

Guarantee for the unconditional durability of my goods.
If you are not satisfied, come to me.
If you are satisfied, please recommend me!

No. 392. Fustian hard-wearing hat for bad weather, green, grey, drap and leather-brown S 6.80, better quality, with band, leather trimmed

No. 393. Loden Styrian hat, in all tourist colors, neck. free bell shape, with dark green band S 12., genuine badger mustache S 3.50

No. 394. Original ladies' Ausseer hat, chic and flattering, black-green wool felt, with medium or dark green band S 12.50

No. 395. Swiss tourist hat, light as a feather, absolutely waterproof, rollable, S 8.20, in all tourist colors. Edelweiss p.50-

No. 398. Boys-Ausseer, fine wool felt S 5.80,
S 6.90, 3 ribbon colors, feather arrangement S-45, sizes from 50 to 55

No. 396. Stylish women's Styrian velour hat in black-green, rust-brown, mid-grey, with dark green silk ribbons S 24.-. Finest beaver quality S 36.-

No. 397. Promenade loden hat, light as a feather (Swiss quality), with button pendant, silk sweatband S 12.-

No. 400. Peasant plush hat, silk velour, black, olive green and golden yellow, S 18.-, finest version S 24.-

For hats with flower arrangements and beards, feathers, badges, etc., the prices do not include the same

No. 399. Chic ladies' loden hat, Ia.Qual., light.od. Medium gray loden, brim turned up at the front, with dark green band S 9.80 and S 12. Real badger disc beard with edelweiss S 3.50

No. 401. "Wurzelsepp", the smartest hat for lederhosen, excellent velour, with silk cord, in light colors S 18.-, S 24. "Hückel" brand, finest beaver quality. S 36.-, also available in loden S 9.80

We also always keep a large stock of all men's fashion items, such as underwear, ties, umbrellas, canes, suspenders, socks, stockings, gloves, etc., at the well-known solid prices with really good quality.

No.403. Original Heimatschutz hat (chosen by the provincial leadership), first-class, reseda-green loden, absolutely waterproof, very durable and hard-wearing S 6.90, cheaper version. S 6.40, genuine shield cock half-shot S-50 more. Homeland Security Case S-50. Prima leather storm straps always in stock. (Prices for Homeland Security only)

No. 402. Carinthian hat, fine silk velour, rusty brown. and golden brown, fine, dark green silk ribbon, with edging S 36.-, finely lined, fine wall felt, same color S 12.-, any deer or badger beard
Customers from abroad are reimbursed for the 3rd class trip to Graz within Styria for purchases over S 80.-. Bel purchases over S 160. also the return trip (on presentation of the return ticket).

Shipping Policy! Please note: Shipping is generally only against cash on delivery or prepayment. the
Packaging consists of hard, wood-backed cardboard and is charged at cost price. All prices are ex Graz and for hats with flower arrangements or hat decorations without them.

Complaints will only be considered within 8 days of receipt of the shipment, non-corresponding goods returned in perfect condition, franked by the customer, without cash on delivery, will be exchanged willingly. Custom orders require a delivery time of 5 to 8 days.

L. SKRIWANEK, hat factory and defeat, Graz, Schmiedgasse 14, branch Annenstraße 20.

Page 5.


"Hut-Skriwanek" brings women's hats from the cheapest to the finest genre. Constant arrival of the latest models.

Ladies! Meet your needs at Hut-Skriwanek. You will be served attentively and genuinely.

Every lady gets S10 when she buys a hat. up a beautiful, practical gift.

No. 328. Dressy women's hat, made of fashionable straw, with smart ribbon fittings S 9.80 and 12., in Florina-Tagal S16.-, in sizes up to No. 60

No. 331. Elegant lady's hat, woven hemp, combined with corded silk and beautiful clasp, in beige with black S 28.-, made from cheaper fashion woven material S 19.80

All kinds of straw hats are modernized according to models shown here.

No. 329. The newest ladies' hat, with a brim that fits close to the head, a beautiful clasp, all fashion colors, made of shiny Ratschello braid S 16.50 in fashion straw S 12.80

No. 332. Stylish women's hat, large head sizes, with the brim turned backwards. made of various modern types of straw, with grosgrain ribbon trim S 6.80, 8.50, 11.60, finest Florina-Tagal S 16.50. Black and all fashion colors

Large selection of mourning hats from S 9.80 upwards. Mourning Veil from S 3.90 up to the finest execution. Hats also on loan.

No. 330. Elegant, broad bell shape made of smooth or colorful fashion straw S 7.90, 9.80, modern hemp weave S 22.-, smartly garnished with a ribbon

No. 336.

No. 334. Highly distinctive adorable children's and ladies' hat with

No. 333. Chic Panama hat, ribbed silk, beige brim S 12.80, red, blue-grey S 5.90, ribbed 16.50, in the most modern fantasy braided hat, turned-up brim, in white-black, white-red, white-blue, White-Beige S 12.80

No. 338. Smartly dressed. Bell-shaped, in fashion panana, white or cream, with black ribbon trim S 9.80, 12.80, in every head size
linen S 3.60. Sizes: 48 to 54

No. 344. Children's linen hat, white and beige," in sizes 46 to 55 S 1.50, 1.80, grosgrain with silk cord S 2.80, 3.20

No. 337. Chic slipper made of modern, multicolored braided fabric S 4.80, 5.60, 8.50, 9.80

Large stock always in the latest creations of floral, heron and bouquet arrangements, the most modern ribbons for women's and children's hats

No. 335. Ultra-modern bell shape made of coarse fashion straw, plain or colored S 12.-, Lovely. ribbon trimmings

No. 345. Girls hat in grosgrain silk, blue with grey, beige with red S 6.50, grosgrain S3.60

No. 343. Very unusual. fashion shape, brim. open at the front, fashionable straw S 12.80, Manila, light as a feather S 16.50

No. 340. Dressy girls hat in white and other colors, fashion. straw S 3.80, finer S 5.60

No. 341. Combined dashing straw hat with a brim turned up at the front and fancy silk trimmings, light colors S 13.90

No. 342. Elegant, solid ladies' hat made from the finest Florina tagal, with a beautiful trimmed band and edging S 16.50, single design S 9.80

No.339. Backfischhutteri, straw, combined with silk, very smart, in fashionable colors S 9.80, with a beautiful clasp


No. 346. Small navy silk hat, with or without label, in black-brown, red-beige S 5.90, grosgrain S 3.60. Sizes: 49 to 55

No. 347. Adorable little girls' slipper, coarse ribbed silk, with colorful trimmings, blue and brown S 4.80. Sizes: 50 to 54

No. 349. Navy - Huterl, Panama mesh S 9.80, fashion. straw S 7.80, white and colored

No. 350. Baby hat, grosgrain linen, with large silk pouf, white and beige S 3.40

No. 348. Baby's favorite hat, made of fashionable blue taffeta, with elastic band and tie slips

Separate department for children: All kinds of hats and caps in the largest selection, professional advice and service.

Page 6.


The largest cap camp at "HUT-SKRIWANEK", Graz,
Schmiedgasse 14, branch at Annenstrasse 20.

No. 457. Our smart motor sport club cap, exclusive sale, blue, fine cloth, silk cord S 7.50, in the finest. equipment 89.80, to obtain emblems from the sports club; Gold cord 8 1.20 more.

No. 465. Boys' cap, English checked, in light colours, modern design, pleated shape S 3.90, 4.50, 5.60

No. 458. Original English sports cap, in grey, drape, finest silk lining, with sweatband S 11.50

No. 461. Lloyd cap, made of blue cloth, with hard-wearing patent leather shield 1 S 6.50, 7.60, with cloth shield) and gold cord, finest features S8.20, for boys: strong Cheviot cap, lacquer shield 8 5.40, excellent cloth S 5.80. Sizes 49 to 65

No.462. Eight-piece English cap, very flattering S 2.80, heavy-duty fabric, dark colors S 1.60

No. 459. Great English sports cap, new style, with band and pleats S 4.60, 5.90, fine fittings, with sweatband S 7.40, 9.50

No.460. Elegant fashion cap, in the latest colors, with pointed bandage and pleats S 4.50, 6.80, finest 8.50

No. 464. Covercoat cap, circular shape, with or without bandage S 4.50, 6.80, gabardine S 9.80, finest design.

No. 463. Very smart boys' cap, English pattern in a large selection of colors S 2.80, 3.60, 4.50, 5.20

No. 468. Workshop and work cap, plate shape, made of dark prima loden fabric S 3.80

No. 469. House cap, gray and black, very light S 3.- 3.30, with quilted, stiffened edge and sweatband S 5.50, finest version in taffeta S 8.50

No. 467. Original pullman cap, in any desired color (3 sizes, 24, 26, 28, from S 3.50 upwards, in felt cloth S 1.20, with elastic band, larger plate S 1.50. Many new combinations for women and children. lunges in pullman caps, made of fine felt or chenille, from 82.20 upwards.

Manufacture of any type of caps and cloth hats for men, women and children, also from materials sent in, according to the catalog picture of the relevant information, quickly and cheaply.

No. 466. English flat cap, square, latest pleated style, in the best fabric qualities, large selection of colors S 5.60, 6.80, 8.50

No. 471. Navy cap, Cheviot dark blue S3.60, 4.50, 5.40, in red 8 5.80, fine blue cloth S 4.80, 6.50, red felt cloth S 2.80, 4.80, made of brown velvet, very elegant S 6.40, excellent nappa leather S 11.80, in sizes 47 to 55

No. 473. Men's car hood, dustproof, with neck protection, nappa leather, silk lined S 16.50, 19.80, split leather S 12. Covercoat S 11.50, rips S 6. Raw silk S 9.80, linen 2.80

No. 472. Eleg. Navy cap, for boys, with narrow band and label, blue, Cheviot S 3.40, 4.80, made of fine cloth S 4.80, sizes 48 to 55

Production of professional caps according to Zeldinung or your own specification.

N. 476.

No. 470. Latest. Shape in ALATHOL marine caps for girls, octagonal, with gusset, wide rem plate, with narrow band and lettering. Made of light, fine cloth 8 5.40, sizes
48 to 55 children's navy felt hats, in red-beige, gray S 8.80, S 11.80, white S 12.-, felt cloth, quilted edge and label S 7.90

No. 475. Modern cover coat hat for children S 4.60, trimmed with leather cloth.

Always the latest in tried and tested, dust-proof car hoods and caps can also be made extravagantly on request.

No. 477. Prima nappa leather car cap, black, real leather peak S 15.50, 22.- flat plate socket S 12.-

No. 474. Engineer's cap, made of rainproof patent leather cloth, brown and black S 3.90, 4.50

No. 478. Leather cap, nappa, brown S 13.50, brown and black, with paint label S 10.-, 12.-

No. 479. Smart women's car hood, with Marienglas dust protection, the latest novelty, nappa leather S 24.-, silk S 14.20, rips S 9.80. Lady Glass Dust Cover S 1.60 each

Skriwanek sports caps are extremely cheap, very popular in cut and shape, tasteful and well fitting.

Page 7.


"SKRIWANEK" is the best source for hats of all kinds.

No. 404. Defregger, for men, made of waterproof loden, in all tourist colors, smooth 8 6.50, mottled 8 7.90. Velour silk plech 8 16.50, fine 524-
The same for boys in loden 8 4.50, 5.60, flower arrangements and trimmings selection
No. 406. Oberlandler-Stelrer-Kapperl made of green velvet S 2.70, silk velvet S 3.60, silk plush S 4.80
No.412. naturally curved shield cock half kick, genuine, in meat preparation S 1.20, matching case S-80
No. 415.Fine Combined double shield hook with real deer beard! S 2.90, sleeve S1.20
No. 422. Edelweiss badge, with brush plush underlay S-80

Every tourist and Styrian hat is only smart with a flower arrangement or beard and badge

No. 417. Whole shield rooster joint, genuine, prepared in the meat, small S1.20, large S 1.80, large S 2.40
No. 416. Small wild feather arrangement S-30, more beautifully executed S-80, sleeve S-.90
No. 420. Real capercaillie joint, S-80 primed in the meat, elongated arrangement sleeve S-90
No. 418. Children. Pheasant head S-28, nicer combined S-40
No. 413. Combined feather arrangement, with genuine eagle down S 1., feather neck S.-.90
No.405. Our dashing youth Ausseer,deep 
more depressed
No. 414. Real half head, with shield hammer joint S-80, about 1.20, case S-80
No. 423. Beautiful tourist agraffe Edelweiß S-50
No. 421. Real hazel grouse, small S1. large S 1.70, jibe S-80 wider brim, finest wool laquali 181, edge hand dark or medium green, silk ink pen,
8 16.50, beard and badge belishy
No. 419. Large double hook, combined with real eagle down, with beard and claw S 2.-, matching jibe S-80
Genuine Tyrolean edelweiss always in stock. Price per star S-.15
No. 407. Grossglockner", smart hunting hat, made of the best waterproof, mottled loden, in any desired tourist color S 8.40, 9.50, the same hat for boys S 6.50
No. 424. Genuine  Schildhahn double hook with Auerhahn. combined S.80, spring sleeve S-80
No. 408. Ortler, fine tourist velour hat, in any color you want 5 16.50, finer quality, lined 5 19.80, 24, 28.-, world brand Hückel", special
tion S 42-

Any kind of wild hair will be taken over for professional tying at the cheapest calculation

No. 409. Salzburg hat Graf Lamberg", dark-grey woolen, light-green silk cord, a to 6 laid 5 9.60, in loden, each color with the pauder shoe S 8.00 and 8 9.50
No. 411. "The Popular Stone Breaker", stitched at the edge. Made of very hard-wearing loden or wool felt, in any tourist colour, for men S 5.80, 6.60, for boys S 4.80, velour silk plush S 16.50, finest S 24.-. Arrangements as desired.
No. 425. Real double shield cock hook with termination S-25,50, -80, jibe S-80
No. 410. Gelßbubenhuteri, wool felt loden, in any desired color 8 4.30, better quality S5.20, pheasant feathers depending on the length S-20 to 50

Adopting all kinds of wild beards for professional cleaning and washing
Always the largest stock of every kind of wild arrangements and beards, badges and beard sleeves

No. 426. Solid beard sleeve with ring and screw, with chamois head S 1.80

No. 427. Beard sleeve with deer antlers and oak leaves S 1.90
No. 428. Beautiful beard case with Auerhahn, solid S 2.80

No. 429. Schildhahn half-joint case, small S 80
No. 430. Hunting clasp with plush. mount S60
No. 431. Skihell S-40 No. 432. Wood grouse in a ring S-50

No. 433. Oxidized oak leaves S-.90 No. 434. Pretty tourist clasp, triple oak leaves S-80

No.435. Bowling Badge Good Wood" S-.90
No. 436. Hunter's badge with plush edge (Habt's a Schneid) S-.60

No. 487. Broken pine made of imitation Silver S90
No. 438. Climber's Badge
S 1.20, in different Versions No. 430. Genuine snipe lace rosette with heads S 6.40

No. 440. Slagraff, in a beautiful, solid version S98
No. 441. Tourist badge with plush edge S -.70
No. 442. Large deer head in ring S -.75
No. 443. Large double butted case with oak leaves S 1.20

The wild feather arrangements shown here, badges, sleeves and

No. 444. Large double-butted case with oak leaves and Grandel S 1.50
No. 445. Wood grouse needle with plush edge "Weidmannsheil" S -.80
No. 446. Very popular imit. Light silver edelweiss S-.50
No. 447. Beard sleeve with chamois head, screw and ring S 1.-
No. 448. Beard sleeve with chamois head and oak leaves, ring and screw
S 1.20
No. 449. Elongated impact sleeve S-.90 No. 450. Spring sleeve with various emblems S-.90
No. 440 8 cm hair length 8 3rd, 10 cm hair length. S 5.50, 12 cm hair length. S 7.80, up to fine, to cheapest. prices
No. 453. Antelope beard (American chamois) in any desired hair length from 8 1.50 to S 8.
No. 454. Real, very durable, washable badger beard, 6 to 12 cm hair length S 4.- to S 20.-, imitation from S 1.20 to 1.80
No. 455. Old Styrian disc beard, made of real deer hair S 1.80, 2.40, 2.90, 3.50
No. 451. Genuine eagle down, washable S 1.20, larger S 2.50
No. 452. Real Styrian deer beard, beards are only a small fraction of our extensive stock
No. 456. Real badger beard, very popular and modern S 1.90, 2.40, 3., 3.60, 4.50

"Skriwanek", Graz, Schmiedgasse 14, branch at Annenstrasse 20, buys hare and rabbit skins, in any quantity, at current prices.

Page 8.

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