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P. & C. Habig Hutfabrik


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This one is awesome! I like especially the fact that the box has a felt protector - obviously Habig paid attention to details. What size is it?



On 5/10/2010 at 6:21 PM, habigman said:

P. & C. Habig Melone (Bowler). The paper label has a date stamp of 1932. The hat is in new condition and came with the original holder and case.














Same shop as the hat so must be original. Notice the felt protector.









1942 Salzburg Address Book


This is from Wolfgang regarding Slama.

"I happened to stumble over the Slama advert in the 1942 Salzburg address book looking for something else and still can remember the shop. I just didn't remember that is was mainly a gentlemen's garment shop and not a hat shop but the ad makes it clear. It was rather an expesive shop as far as I remember and ceased to exist in the 1980s."


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P. & C. Habig Wien, size 57cm but fits perfect, hat store was in Riga. This one was missing the liner and ribbon so had it restored by Optimo. It's definitely pre 1940 and could actually be from around WWI. This is the first pre 1940 soft felt P. & C. Habig Wien that I have encountered. Majors props go to Josh on the FL for the tip.















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P. & C. Habig Berlin Kreissäge (Boater), measures 59cm, thinking 1920s. I don't believe I have encountered a P. & C. Habig from the Berlin (see above postcard) so very rare plus in mint condition. The straw + weave are very flexible and light weight. I am very excited about this one.








Austrian Coat of Arms, Eagle with Hammer and Sickle








P. & C. Habig Berlin!







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P. & C. Habig Vienna Brass Plate 



I believe this is one of the crests used for export to non-German speaking countries. For German speaking countries it would have had Wien / Hutmacher instead of Vienna / Hatters. Highly possible it was displayed in one of the P. & C. Habig locations in Vienna.





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1900 Paris Grand Prix Report by Peter Habig founder of P. & C. Habig Wien - Berlin


Found this book, Pariser Weltaustellung 1900




Manfred, Fantastic book! I assume this Peter Habig is the founder of P. & C. Habig. It is interesting that he mentions light weight hats being an Austrian speciality. Most likely the light weight Bowlers (Derby, Melone) that were produced by P. & C. Habig (see Wanamaker US newspaper ads), JHS and others. JHS won the gold medal at the 1900 Paris Grand Prix for I believe their Velour hats. Not sure if P. & C. Habig won any gold medals.


Here a rough translation (from OCR) of his report on the hat factory exhibit.


"If we continue with the leadership of the exhibition is on this

participating fndustriezweige begin with the hat,

this happens because the same in any case most characteristic

Garment, and each epoch, or political

Movement by its form expresses its character.


The felt, silk and straw hat factory was on the

Exhibition in shiny, excellent, noble and

tasteful manner represented. This

Industry and is felt particularly in

Silk hats in proportion to the

Ordering code advanced countries. as

France, England, Germany, whose

Industry much older and thus recognized

is, to name just a young,

but has in the last decades

the powerful, sometimes big industry

(Establishments, die'bis to 1500 people

) has developed and employ auf'der

Paris Exposition showed that eres

both in technical terms and

its taste and direction with the

Competition of the most advanced

States, such as America, England, France

Can absorb fully.

In professional relationship especially

emphasize the uniqueness of the whole

exceptionally lightweight hat, a

Specialty of the Austrian, resp.

Viennese hat industry and is of no

other State is second, his

Sales region, all countries and continents

. So magnificently

Velourhüte were given expression

Which, in its solidity as

mustergiltig recognition by professionals

find, as well as the silk

hats. Participating in the exhibition

the company sons J. Hückel

Neutitschein, P. & C. Habig, Vienna *) '

J. Heinr. Ita, Vienna; Egidius Klenz,


Vienna, Josef Mauer, Vienna, Karl Ceschka, Vienna; Zeäsei &

Schönbauer Vienna.


In straw hats were two companies Ladstätter P. & Sons,

Vienna and J. Oberwalder & Co., Vienna, represented;. Both extraordinarily

powerful companies with the competition the

accommodate all first companies of foreign countries on all sides and can

Applause and recognition found. When the felt, silk-en-

straw hats and needs to be particularly emphasized,

that the taste of Vienna and Wiener-chic all-round recognition

especially in professional. Circles but also

the large audience found.


*) The esteemed author of this article

discretely conceals enough, that the company

P. & C. Habig, whose boss he is the noblest

their industry in Austria and

that the "Habig hat'' in all centers of

World like the Thonet chair and looked

an "indispensable Toüettenbehelf each

Gentleman is."

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P. & C. Habig Wien Special Zefir, size 58cm, 100 grams, early to mid 1950s, very good condition. Specially made for Carl Kellner, Hamburg, Germany. I really like the trademark Habig bow design and contrasting brim binding. Also fantastic pliable light weight - light gray felt.

















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P. & C. Habig Wien, measures 59cm, probably 1930s. This is my first complete pre 1940s P. & C. Habig Wien soft felt so rare. I haven't seen the liner logo or black sweatband before. It has hair grease discoloring on the liner but other than that it's in very good condition.





















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P. & C. Habig Wien, K. und K. Hof Hutfabrikanten, Rechnung(Invoice), December 31, 1890




Livré* Felt Top Hat, Box, Top Hat Finest, Livré Top Hat, Cocarde**, Box, Livré Felt Top Hat, Box, Livré Felt Top Hat, Livré Felt Top Hat, Livré Top Hat, Cocarde, Box, Livré Top Hat, Cocarde, Box


*Uniform for a Valet or similar occupation.


**A cockade is a knot of ribbons, or other circular- or oval-shaped symbol of distinctive colors which is usually worn on a hat.




English Seaman's (Sennit) Straw Hat, Green Knock About

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"Alte Hutmacherwerstätte " (19. Jahrhdt.) "Technisches Museum, Wien, XIII."






I recently received this old Austrian postcard. The Old Hat Maker Workshop at "Technisches Museum Wien" was financed by Peter Habig who was the founder P. & C. Habig Wien. He died in 1916 so probably the workshop was constructed in the very early 1900s. I don't believe it survived WWII but I am checking with the museum. The hat makers last name Hasenreiter is Hare Rider in English.


I found out the exhibit very sadly didn't survive a renovation of the museum that took place in 1992. Here are two additional photos of the exhibit.


(Click on Photos to Expand!)





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P. & C. Habig Wien - Berlin "Special Qualität" with "Auto Cape", size 58cm, very good condition, 208 grams, probably mid 1930s. The hat has an very unique inner gray felt shell. The felt shell might be removable but I am not going to take a chance trying to remove it. The felt shell adds extra weight but the hat is still very comfortable to wear. I guess "Auto Cape" could be related to the felt shell. There is a patent number (Austrian or German?) that might lead to something. The hat was made for the P. & C. Habig Berlin store at Friedrichstrasse 82 which didn't survive WWII. I think it might be from the 1935 because "35" is last number on the paper label number sequence. Also came with a smaller size old Christys' London Bowler that was sold by a Berlin retail store.














P. & C. Habig "Habig Hüte" Friedrichstrasse 82. Berlin



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I was able to find the Austrian Patent (133275) stamped on the sweatband of the above P. & C. Habig Wien - Berlin Melone with the felt insert that P. & C. Habig Wien called "Auto Cape". The patent claim is to make a stiff felt hat that is resistant to denting and the felt insert being a part of the invention.


Drawing from the French Patent(756192A).




This is the Austrian Patent(133275) from 1932 and an addendum from 1936.




This is the French Patent (756192A) from 1933. The translation might be a bit more clear in this one.




The inventor Adolf Sindermann has a good number of hat related patents. His company was a major supplier of felt stumpen and capelines.



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P. & C. Habig Wien - Berlin Catalog, probably mid 1890s.




P. & C. Habig

Imperial & Royal

Court Hat Factories


Vienna - Berlin


Chamber of Suppliers for the Senior Imperial & Royal (Austria Hungary) Apostolic Majesty

Court Suppliers for Her Majesty The German Empress and Queen (Germany)




Chamber of Suppliers for the Senior Imperial & Royal (Austria Hungary) Apostolic Majesty

Chamber of Suppliers for Highness Archduke Carl Ludwig, Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este, Otto, Franz Salvator Etc.


Supplier of the Imperial & Royal Highest Court (Austria Hungary)


Purveyors for Her Majesty The German Empress and Queen (Germany)

Senior Purveyors Highness the Prince Friedrich Leopold of PRUSSIA (Germany).


Purveyors of the Royal Serbian and Gross Ducal Nassau and Luxembourg


Factory and Counter


Company Retail Locations

















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Main Offices and Branches:


In German, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy.


General Representative Offices:

M. Mertes, Cologne A. RH., Schilderhof.


General Agency for North America:

CHs. Lavy & Co., Hamburg, Bleichenbrücke 25-29.


General Agency for South America, Sweden and Norway & The Overseas Countries: Paul Strasser, Hamburg, GR. Johannisstrasse 6


Branch Offices in Denmark, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, KL. Asia ect.


Detail for Sales Paris:

"Piccadilly" 36, Boulevard des Italiens




Vienna World's Fair 1873, Not Competing (Judge)


Philadelphia World's Fair 1876, First Prize


Paris World's Fair 1878, Gold Medal


Antwerp World's Fair 1885, Honorary Diploma & Gold Medal


Brussels World's Fair 1888, Honorary Diploma & Gold Medal


Chicago World's Fair 1893, First Prize


Exhibition Trieste 1882, Not Competing (Judge)

Jubilee Crafts Exhibition, Vienna 1888, Not Competing (Judge).



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P. & C. Habig Wien "Extra Qualität", 1980. This Silk Top Hat belongs to the grandson (Jonathan) of Victor Böhm.








In 1975 P. & C. Habig Wien purchased all the equipment and silk plush stock from the last manufacturer of Silk Top Hats Spoorenberg of Holland. It would be interesting to know what happened to this equipment and silk plush stock (assuming there was any left) when P. & C. Habig went out of business in the late 1980s.



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